HVAC Diagnostic Check

Do you want your HVAC to work safely and at optimum efficiency, while avoiding any extra, unnecessary repairing and replacement costs? HVAC Diagnostic Check can help.

At Spectrum Heating & Air, our team of trained and experienced professionals can empower you to effectively manage and control your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation by running an HVAC Diagnostic check.

Our HVAC Diagnostic Check involves examining running through your AC or Heater furnace to find out why your HVAC unit isnt working. We inspect your thermostat, motor parts, checking system controls and startup cycle, inspecting all electrical connections, and evaluating the condensate drains.

We will ensure your HVAC runs safely and smoothly in the summers and winters while also enhancing its energy efficiency and extending its lifespan.

HVAC Tune-up/Maintenance

Your HVAC system needs regular tune-ups and maintenance to ensure indoor air quality, save money on energy bills, and stand the test of time.

Yet most people never think of tuning up their HVAC until it malfunctions or breaks down altogether. You might have changed your filters, but do you know if your condenser coil is clean? Or do your blower fan’s settings match the air conditioner’s stage options? Are your burners between your furnace or heater safe?

Professional HVAC tune-up and maintenance can keep your HVAC performing effectively and efficiently all year round.

With a seasonal spring and a fall tune-up and maintenance,
our technicians at Spectrum Heating & Air can breathe new life into your HVAC so you can enjoy better performance without a care in the world.

HVAC Installations New or Replacement

Installing an HVAC is a big investment – it sure needs to be done effectively and correctly the first time around.

Whether you want a current HVAC system replaced or a new one installed, Spectrum Heating & Air has you covered. We can cater to all your HVAC installation needs, regardless of the size and type of the HVAC, as well as your needs and preferences.

From removing any old HVAC and helping you select the best HVAC according to your specific requirements to then installing the HVAC carefully and testing it to ensure quality performance, we do it all, offering you complete guidance and support.

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