HVAC Diagnostic Check

            Do you want your HVAC to work safely and at optimum efficiency, while avoiding any extra, unnecessary repairing and replacement costs? HVAC Diagnostic Check can help. At Spectrum Heating & Air, our team of trained and experienced professionals can empower you to effectively manage and control your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation by running an HVAC Diagnostic check.

              Our HVAC Diagnostic Check involves examining running through your AC or Heater furnace to find out why your HVAC unit isnt working. We inspect your thermostat, motor parts, checking system controls and startup cycle, inspecting all electrical connections, and evaluating the condensate drains. We will ensure your HVAC runs safely and smoothly in the summers and winters while also enhancing its energy efficiency and extending its lifespan




To keep things simple

  • Diagnostic on your HVAC system is for when your AC or Heater is NOT working or not working how it should.


Repairing AC minisplit unit